My Seraph in Disguise

“My Seraph in Disguise”

Tyler R. Martin

A beauty thought reserved only for nature, 

Somehow now resides within your eyes,

How can such magic be earthly normal,

 Is it real, or just some clever guise?

I wonder, are you a true mortal woman 

Or a Seraph, an angel in disguise?

–Your hair of a goddess, with golden streaks

Falling gently on tan, smooth skin;

I envy it, caressing your neck,

Cascading down your back, touching your chin.

You’re speaking softly, with love in your eyes,

Giving me a glimpse of your gorgeous mind,

Such a serene, tantalizing feeling,

Something of heaven and earth combined.

And with a pitch like some divine instrument,

Yours: a voice that serenades so sweetly,

From a grin like a summer sunrise,

A few notes and I’m enthralled completely.

Because truly, I wouldn’t be surprised

Were you to admit to me tenderly:

You’re not just my love, my prize,

But my Seraph, my angel in plain disguise.

For Katie, My Love

“For Katie, My Love”

This pissed off poet’s heart now resides

With the girl of green-blue eyes…

Her hair so blond he can only weep

With visions of it in his sleep

For his daily thoughts encountered doom,

As thoughts of her began to loom,

And cause his obsession it did grow

He bit her neck to let her know!

And she bites back, ain’t that cool?

He’s feeling like a drunken fool,

Falling fast, his brains on fire

Its burning up on Katie’s pyre

The perfect smile the beauty wore,

Shook the poet to his core,

Just a glance would make him moan,

He simply had to take her home!

And although this structure’s not unique 

Fuck off with your dull critique,

For the girl of green-blue eyes

Is an angel in a girls disguise 

Binary Stars

“Binary stars”

By. Tyler R. Martin

Gazing into the stellar sky,

You lie next to me and ask me why:

Without you I’m so out of place,

Like a stagnant star in empty space?

I’ve always asked if I’m doomed to float alone,

In an icy, solitary space out on my own?

But you consoled me, saying I’m not the case,

Not just a sinking star in a shunned space.

This is why I cringe to see you cry.

Hold you close, my hand against your thigh,

Place my loving lips upon your pretty face,

You’re a stunning star in splendid space.

Without a drug, around you, I feel doped,

To describe my dilemma, I feel fevered, choked:

And all words alone simply lack the grace,

For a superb star, shimmering in space.

And what commences when stars collide?

In plain sight can honest happiness hide?

I was so certain love lived only on Mars,

But what is more beautiful than binary stars?

Eternal Fire

Infinity lies, within her eyes,

The ocean’s the depth of her soul.

Her warm embrace, makes my heart race,

Under her complete control.

Katie baby, the girl of my dreams,

Our lives seem to collide.

My knees grow weak I cannot speak,

Blinded by the stars inside.

The eternal fire of her eyes,

Brightens a dark mind like dawn.

But won’t believe I’m mesmerized,

And she’s still so withdrawn.

Katie baby, the girl of my dreams,

Her voice rains down like heaven,

But she’s so shy, and croons her cry,

I’m there each time she beckons.

The eternal fire of her eyes

Is a magnet to the broken,

Warms a cold heart, sadness departs

And illuminates what’s unspoken.