Expedition to the clouds 

Is a far more exciting-sounding adventure

Than seeing if Atlantis was a real 

Lost city 

Or if the Mayans really did just 

Vanish into thin air 

Like they never mattered. 

Almost like they never 



Think of how many groups of people 

Who’s ideas, 

Names and faces 

Are forever forgotten 

Think of what happens to you when nobody 

Says your name ever 


I named this poem before I wrote it

Sip your beer, 

Tell me sweet, soft nothings in my ear 

My love, my prize 

Don’t leave me out to dry 

Take me inside

I don’t care whether or not we cried

What matters to me 

Is that you see

Maybe one day you can even have my heart 

It’d be one hell of a relationship to start 

To spark 

To go fall in love on the swing sets in the park

Push me down the slide 

Shoving our gentle feelings to the side 


Sex is fun you see?

So I know it’s good for me.

Missionary, doggy and sixty nine

Got me feeling mighty fine

Sex is like a sandwich

You can put anything on that fluffy bread

So dont be a pillow bitch!

Before he leaves you, give better head!

Cloud Nine

I’m feeling good

I’m feeling fine

The weed makes me feel like I’m on cloud nine

Finishing a warm beer from the night before

Dont want to waste even more

Drawing and writing while I’m creative

Until my hands and my brain are sore


Yesterday I floated up to the moon, 

I reached out to touch the stars, 

They were so close I could touch them,

I watched you reach up to try and grab me, but I left too soon, 

I watched you cry as you watched me lay down on the moon.