Cancer in my head is what I had 

And the dream doctor said he needed to clean my brain 

Everyone by my side, even my deadbeat dad 

“You’ll feel a little pain,” 

said Dr. Dream

He injected me with a drug making me float downstream 

I was there on a raft, wading down the river

There were monsters, dinosaurs, and every type of strange beast 

Then down the way was a big fucking bunny rabbit

Not big at first, he grew to the size of a house  

And I fought this bunny on my raft, with large laser-lightsabers 

But! This bunny rabbit had friends, next door neighbors

Neighbors that have big fangs and sharp claws 

I sit in my raft, floating downstream 

My head feels fluffy and poofy like cream 

I sip calmly at my drink

The bunny rabbit doesn’t know what to think, 

I’ve outsmarted him this time

I start to panic when a bell starts to chime

Then the pain starts to hit

And then I start feeling sick

“You just had your brain cleaned for the week”

My head feels like a space pod, controlled by robots 

Try and act sober and ask for another treatment


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