Binary Stars

“Binary stars”

By. Tyler R. Martin

Gazing into the stellar sky,

You lie next to me and ask me why:

Without you I’m so out of place,

Like a stagnant star in empty space?

I’ve always asked if I’m doomed to float alone,

In an icy, solitary space out on my own?

But you consoled me, saying I’m not the case,

Not just a sinking star in a shunned space.

This is why I cringe to see you cry.

Hold you close, my hand against your thigh,

Place my loving lips upon your pretty face,

You’re a stunning star in splendid space.

Without a drug, around you, I feel doped,

To describe my dilemma, I feel fevered, choked:

And all words alone simply lack the grace,

For a superb star, shimmering in space.

And what commences when stars collide?

In plain sight can honest happiness hide?

I was so certain love lived only on Mars,

But what is more beautiful than binary stars?

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