Thoughts in the Afterglow

A blanket on the bed covers my thighs, 

And I see, from your lips, a taunting smirk arise, 

My pale body safe in your strong frame, 

Flick, flick, flick, up from the lighter, comes a flame, 

I hold your hand and puff out a cloud of smoke, 

When you say “you’re so pretty baby” I always think you misspoke, 

Everytime you hold me, bite my neck and kiss my cheek, 

I feel more, and more loss for words and weak, 

I love when you hold me, 

I love when you touch me, and I want you to never let me go, 

Fuck me hard, put a ring on my finger, and call me your wife to be, 

I think you will make me happy because you are sweet, you know? 

And I think of all this in the few seconds I watch you inhale from a cigarette and blow. 

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